Pledge to Supporters

Last updated: November 1st, 2023

This statement is made to ensure clarity on the support given by users to SafelyHome the application and by extension the not-for-profit SafteyTree who is the owner of SafelyHome.

SafelyHome will remain free for its entire lifetime, the application was made with this in mind, however there are upkeep costs that we are currently paying out of pocket, so we ask for a very small amount of assistance to ensure that we can keep our application going without financial worry.

Any value of money given to SafelyHome through the use of in-app payment, payment links, direct donations or any other method will form a ‘pot’ which will be used entirely towards the upkeep and maintenance of the application of SafelyHome.

This means that the pot will only go towards the following:

  • Server/Infrastructure upkeep costs of SafelyHome.
  • Domain name and trademark registrations and renewal of SafelyHome.
  • The Developer licence for google play & the iOS store while SafelyHome remains on the portfolio of apps developed by Appatree Ltd.
  • Any matters that require legal advice or help pertaining to SafelyHome.
  • Towards marketing SafelyHome, so that more people will become aware of the application.
  • Other ventures by SafetyTree Ltd in pursuing not-for-profit applications designed for public good and well being.
  • Any unforeseen costs relating directly to the continuation of SafelyHome that have not already been mentioned.

In the event a new cost is discovered this document will be immediately updated.

We greatly appreciate your help.