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Hi! I’m Oli, one of the creators of SafelyHome. Adam and I came up with the idea while we were midway through our time at university and we’ve been working on it ever since! I spend most of my time writing and reading, since it’s a large part of what I do for SafelyHome and our other projects. I enjoy getting out the house and discover new places to in the city and spending my nights with my mates. It’s been great working with my friends and having such a passionate team around me!

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The Making Of SafelyHome - Part Two

Oli Bourton | 13th June 2023

SafelyHome: From a simple idea to a transformative personal safety app. Learn how a park bench conversation led to the creation of a not-for-profit app that promotes safety on nights out.

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Why SafelyHome: A Societal Epidemic

Oli Bourton | 2nd July 2023

Discover the societal epidemic behind SafelyHome app. Explore the impact of women's safety concerns, the need for change, and the role of education in combating this pervasive issue.

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