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Hi, I'm Adam, one of the Co-Creators of SafelyHome! Having started developing the project with originally just Oli in 2020, I've loved every second of working with him and now the greater team, who are equally as awesome! When I'm not working on the software side of SafelyHome, I love to exercise and am a massive fan of both climbing and running and am actively looking for my next challenge, which is looking to be a marathon or some outside bouldering! Finally, I really love the guitar and a good night out at bars with friends, which is why I care so much about the SafelyHome project, as no one should feel unsafe or uncomfortable on nights out!

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The Making Of SafelyHome - Part One

Adam Masters | 25th May 2023

SafelyHome: From a simple idea to a transformative personal safety app. Learn how a park bench conversation led to the creation of a not-for-profit app that promotes safety on nights out.

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