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Play pre-recorded, interactive phone calls whenever, wherever, out of your phone speakers - just like a real call. With a user interface identical to Android and iOS phone calls. SafelyHome is built to help you deter unwanted attention when you cannot reach anyone.

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What is SafelyHome?

SafelyHome is a personal safety mobile app that is designed to reassure you and reduce the possibility of any problems happening while you get back home.

The idea is simple: a phone call, for people who cannot call someone. SafelyHome is a discreet phone simulation app, where you can access a pre-recorded phone call that you can respond to and engage with. The purpose is simple, we want you to get home safely, feeling confident and reassured.

There are lots of reasons why you might not be able to call someone while getting home or to somewhere safe, including:

No signal icon - SafelyHome works without signal

No Signal

Walking late icon - SafelyHome works no matter the time

Walking late at night

No one to call icon - SafelyHome works whenever wherever

No one to call

Image of SafelyHome's calls, with over 40 available calls in app

Recorded Calls

Our application contains hours of phone calls, recorded by professionals to make the calls sound as authentic as possible. The length of the calls range from 1 minute to 12 minutes long, with a range of topics and accents to choose from!

Realistic User Interface

When you receive a call in our app, it is indistinguishable from a real call! Only you will know the difference. Safely Home's call screens are modelled on Android and iPhone screens.

Image of SafelyHome's calls, with over 40 available calls in appImage of SafelyHome's calls, with over 40 available calls in app
Image of SafelyHome's calls, with over 40 available calls in app

Schedule Calls

Need to get out of a situation? Or plan a call for an exact time? Our schedule feature allows you to set up a call in advance. Just select from the recordings, and expect the call!

Why was SafelyHome Made?

SafelyHome was created because there is a societal epidemic. We live in a world where people do not feel safe getting home or in public spaces. We want everyone to feel safer when they are out, even if you are not able to reach a friend or loved one when you need.

We recognise that this issue is gendered. That means, this issue of safety in public, especially after a night out, disproportionately affects women.

According to data from the UK Office of National Statistics, while one in seven men feel unsafe walking alone after dark in a quiet space, one in two women feel unsafe.

Pie Chart MenPie Chart Men

Two out of three women aged 16 to 34 years experience one form of harassment in a year on their way home.

29% of women have felt like they’re being followed.

This is unacceptable and morally abhorrent.

We need to create safer spaces for people to live in. The real change comes with better education, a global shift in mindsets away from victim-shaming, and large-scale governmental responses. We consider SafelyHome to be a part of our campaign.

We know that SafelyHome isn’t a solution, as much as it is a tool. But we hope that it might be able to make a positive difference to some people’s lives and help them, to get safely home.


SafelyHome Blogs

We have a blog page, where people speak on issues related to SafelyHome’s mission. Why not check it out below!


Safety and Empowerment: Navigating Your First Night Out Clubbing

Beth (Bee) Thomas | 26th August 2023

Ahead are some thoughts that I would have loved someone to tell my younger self. I hope that they are at least somewhat useful and quell any anxiety you may have for your first night-out/club experience.

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Why SafelyHome: A Societal Epidemic

Oli Bourton | 2nd July 2023

Discover the societal epidemic behind SafelyHome app. Explore the impact of women's safety concerns, the need for change, and the role of education in combating this pervasive issue.

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The Making Of SafelyHome - Part Two

Oli Bourton | 13th June 2023

SafelyHome: From a simple idea to a transformative personal safety app. Learn how a park bench conversation led to the creation of a not-for-profit app that promotes safety on nights out.

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We are constantly looking to grow SafelyHome and our call list.

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Support SafelyHome

SafelyHome is a purely not-for-profit application, owned by Appatree Ltd. Appatree uses all donations for maintenance of the app and running costs, which includes servers and licenses that keep SafelyHome alive! The best way you can support SafelyHome is to share it with your friends, follow our socials and stay safe!

If you like our concept or our app has helped you, then please consider making a small donation. You can do this through the link below! By doing this, you helped SafelyHome operate and continue to make a difference.

SafelyHome will always be free for everyone everywhere.

Who are we?

We’re a small team of impassioned people who want to work to make things better. This is a student-run, not-for-profit app. We make no money from this project and all funds raised go straight back into the project and other social works we build to support you.

Our team all started as friends, united by a common goal: to be better at making things better. From this, Appatree was born, and a long-term desire to build SafelyHome was finally realised. The app came from hearing about the personal stories of harassment people close to us have experienced and we felt impassioned to try and make a change.

We can’t wait to continue supporting the app, taking feedback from the community and building something that people appreciate and meaningfully impacts their life.